Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Market Steer and canning beef

Hubby took off Hannah's 4h market steer, (she decided not to show him this year), to the butcher on Saturday.   We sold half of him and we will take the other half.   We had just butchered a steer back in the winter, our freezers are full, so I'm trying to can up some of the beef we have in the freezers to make room for the beef we will have coming.   We also have half a hog at the butcher and we should be able to pick it up this week or next.   Nothing like fresh pork.

If you don't have a way to raise your own  beef or pork, check with a local farmer, sometimes they will sell on the half or quarters.   It costs more that way at the time, but  half a beef would stock up your freezer and  you would know where your meat came from.  Plus you would be helping out a local farmer.
Hannah's 4h market steer hubby took to the butcher the other day.   He was a pretty nice steer.  I think, if she would have shown him, she would have had a good chance with him, but  he was a handful for her to handle and she just lost interest. 

Some of the meat I pulled out of the freezer to can. 

  7 qts of beef, canned.  I mixed up water, salt and kitchen bouquet and poured into each jar.  I also cut up some sweet peppers and add them.  After they came out of the canner, the house smelled so good.   You could smell the peppers.     Hubby said it made him hungry. lol   I have more to finish beef and some pork to  cube up and can today. 

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